Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sepang Goldcoast - Golden Palm Tree Water Villa

After staying in KL for so long, at last..we had the chance to go to the beach. YAY !!!! This had never cross in my mind before as it's quite a distance from KL to the nearby beach.Sometimes, shopping at the same shopping centers is indeed boring. Wouldn't it be nice if KL is an island just like Penang ?
That day is a special day as it's my friend's birthday, Christine (19th May) so, we decided to go there to celebrate :)

here's the birthday girl, Tine tine ^^

This picture was taken fr their website.

It's the first phase of the wider Sepang Gold Coast, coastal city development; creating the longest coastal paradise in Asia. Its access is simple as it's located at Pantai Bagan Lalang which is within 25 mins fr famous Sepang F1 and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), 75 mins fr KL and 45 mins fr Putrajaya.

~ so breathtaking :)


~feel so peaceful, don't u think so? ^^

This place is suitable for taking wedding photos too !

~pic taken fr their website~

~I love tis pic~ it makes my heart melt.....^^

~enjoying ourselves :)

~i believe i can fly ??? LOL

who has the best pose? :)

~the sea reflects the beauty of the sunlight...

~ wooo.. love it's natural fragrances

Indeed, it's worth going there :) beautiful & relaxing ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

FYPing ^^ (Final Year Project)

Well honestly, I don’t really like chemicals but somehow the chemical reaction itself really amazed me. It involves colour changes, heat generation and much more...
Yah, sometimes doing lab work whole day can be very tiring n boring..BUT I had found my way to make it interesting ..^^ . Hehe, it’s photo shooting time !!!! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wow !!! It had been quite long since my last, half year d.. :P
Well, this time I'm gonna change the style of blogging...and more on random topics.
Anyway,I had just finished my exams n currently finishing my FYP (final year project)bench work while waiting for the exam's result..Lord, bless all of us :)
After that, I'm going bc to my home sweet home ^^...can't wait :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

17th November 2008

Guess what? We were having a farewell party in Tekun cafeteria, USM by ordering US pizza. Huh? Our training finishes so early ar?
Lol... No la, actually we were organizing this gathering because some of our church member from EPCC (Excel Point Community Church) are going back hometown soon they have finish their exams. That means maybe some of us wouldn’t have the chance to see others anymore. By the way Sharon also did invite some of the PKA’s members..We’re very happy and glad to be able to meet them all that nite although some of them will be having their paper the next day. Really thanks them for coming that day :P hihi………….
Haha… that day we ordered about 8 large pizzas with 2 personal pizzas. Huh… that’s a lot rite? Oooo… I had gained a lot of weight after coming to Penang…huhu T.T

Friday, October 24, 2008

View from Our Hostel

16th September 2008

We went to Queensbay today by Rapid Penang because Christine wants to buy sport shoes. She went to many shoe’s shop to compare prices….haha, at last she bought a pair of Nike shoes which cost her RM239. Wow! But it’s worth it coz in USM, you have to walk a lot, so it’s better to buy a good one. Then we went outside of the Queensbay, located near the sea and enjoying the scenery… listening to the wave sound, watching airplanes flying above us, so calm…so relaxing….

Sunday, October 12, 2008

5th October 2008

Penang Bridge

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